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High-Ticket Portfolio
Bootcamp for Aspiring Designers

Learn design and upgrade your portfolio in 3 days so you can:

⭐️Ditch any boring assistant work

⭐️Get bigger projects and better clients

⭐️Increase your rates


Event will be held on:
December 06-08, 2021
at 2:00 PM CT

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When you want bigger design projects, but realize you'll never get better clients without a more polished, higher-quality portfolio...


Career Changer #1

Master the design process 
and create a stunning logo design project to add in to your portfolio with my support .

Career Changer #2

Learn how to build a portfolio that brings you the constant flow of bigger projects and better clients.

Career Changer #3

Gain the skills
that will bring you the confidence to go after bigger projects, increase your rates, and LOVE your work again.

What's inside the portfolio bootcamp?

YES PLEASE! I want a high-ticket portfolio and thriving design career.

What do people say about High-Ticket Portfolio Bootcamp?

YES! I want better clients and increase my rates.

What's Inside The Bootcamp?

Time is money and we're both busy people. I know 5 days is a BIG investment from your already busy life. I don't want you to waste any time. And that's why I've packed this bootcamp with only the most useful information and ZERO fluff.

About your host:

Hey there, I'm Aino.

I'm a designer and brand strategist with 16+ years in the industry. I've worked in branding agencies in San Francisco and in Finland, and learned from some of the world’s top creative minds.

With 16 years of experience I've seen it all. I've designed and managed brands for huge businesses like GE, Autodesk, and Microsoft — as well as for small business owners like coaches, voice actors, and realtors.  And I know how to build a high-ticket portfolio and design business that can bring you the kind of work that changes your life.  

I've taught design and branding to people with no formal training and mentored students in building success through their portfolios.

If you're ready to get better clients, increase your rates, and fall in love with your work again, join me for my free 3 day live event. You'll walk away with clear roadmap to building your high-ticket portfolio and the first top quality design project in it.

YES! I want bigger projects and better clients.

DISCLAIMER – This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to build a design portfolio that allows you to go after design projects. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.